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As of January 1, 2016, Robert Shaffer Engineering joined Morris Engineering & Associates, Inc. to form Morris Shaffer Engineering, LLP.  Together we have been providing engineering services for over 25 years to clients throughout the Bay Area and multiple US states.  Our office consists of licensed engineers, all with experience in diverse and unique projects.

Each year, we work on numerous projects throughout the Bay Area.  While varying in scope and fees, each one of these projects presents its own set of structural issues that require practical and sound engineering approaches.  We pride ourselves on not only providing structural solutions that meet the intent of the building code, but also providing creative solutions that allow for efficient execution by the contractor.  

 Morris Shaffer Engineering is licensed in CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, AZ, and CO

Morris Shaffer Engineering is licensed in CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, AZ, and CO

In addition to the more obvious above-grade structural framing solutions we provide, we also provide the structural insight and design for the most important structural element of the structure – the foundation.  As local area experts, we have worked with dozens of geotechnical engineering firms to come up with the best foundation solution for each specific project.  The Bay Area has a varying and challenging soil profile, and we believe our extensive experience working in the area can be beneficial in determining the correct structural solution for the best long-term performance of your house. 

When making the important decision of which structural engineering firm to use for your project we recommend that you take some time to look behind the numbers.  Not all contracts are created equal, and it’s important to verify that other proposals include the same scope of services and schedule, and factor in the total costs for the project.  Typically, the engineer will be involved beyond the issuance of the permit, during construction, and these costs may not always be well documented on the proposal.  While it’s difficult to predict some of these costs at the project onset, our firm tries to be as transparent as possible.  Additionally, while no one desires for a project to go poorly, it’s important to protect yourself for the unknown.  Our firm carries full Errors & Omissions Insurance (something a lot of our competitors do not which can allow them to quote lower fees).  While we have never had to use it, it’s important to know that you are protected in the event that we do.

We encourage you to take the time to browse our website which showcases our work and demonstrates our experience and capabilities. We look forward to the opportunity to bring our years of experience to your unique project.

Experienced. Creative. Practical.

The Morris Shaffer Engineering team consists of professionally licensed engineers, multiple with advanced degrees in structural engineering. Various team members have previous experience in the construction industry - as general contractors, project managers, and estimators - so we understand both the engineering and construction needs that will deliver a successful project to our clients.


Ronald Morris, P.E.

co-FOUNDER & Principal

B.S. Physics and Mathematics - Willamette University

M.S. Civil Engineering - Columbia University

Ron founded Morris Engineering, now Morris Shaffer Engineering, in 1987. Prior to that, Ron was a partner in a structural steel detailing firm in Oregon and a structural engineering firm in the Bay Area.

T: (650) 595-2973  x107

Office: San Carlos, CA


Robert Shaffer, P.E.

co-founder & Principal

B.S. Civil Engineering - California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

For nearly 19 years, Robert worked with the Morris Engineering team as a contract engineer. During this time, he also owned his own firm, Robert Shaffer Engineering. In 2016, the firms merged to form Morris Shaffer Engineering, LLP.

T: (650) 595-2973  x108

Office: San Carlos, CA


Sara Aukes, P.E.


B.S. Civil Engineering - Northwestern University

Sarah has been with Morris Shaffer Engineering since 2003.

T: (408) 394-7240

Office: Phoenix, AZ


Tyler Lawson, P.E.

Project manager & ENGINEER

B.S. Civil Engineering - University of Colorado at Boulder

M.S. Civil Engineering - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Tyler has been with Morris Shaffer Engineering since 2014.

T: (650) 595-2973  x123

Office: San Carlos, CA


Keyan Navid, P.E.


B.S. Civil Engineering - San Jose State University

M.S. Structural Engineering - University of Southern California

Keyan has been with Morris Shaffer Engineering since 2017.

T: (650) 595-2973  x114

Office: San Carlos, CA


Juliette Freestone, P.E.


B.S. Civil Engineering - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Juliette has been working with Morris Shaffer Engineering since 2000.


Katerina Stefanaki, E.I.T.

staff Engineer

Diploma Civil Engineering - National Technical University of Athens

M.Sc. Structural Steel Design & Bus. Mgmt. - Imperial College London

M.S. & Ph.D. Civil Engineering - State University of New York, Buffalo

Katerina has been with Morris Shaffer Engineering since 2017.

Office: Phoenix, AZ

Thomas McDonald.JPG

Tom McDonald, E.I.T.

Staff Engineer

B.S. Civil Engineering - San Jose State University

Tom has been with Morris Shaffer Engineering since 2016.

T: (650) 595-2973  x124

Office: San Carlos, CA


Company Culture

At Morris Shaffer Engineering, we strive to make an enjoyable work environment that is both relaxed and productive. Our engineers are self-starters and we work well both on our own individual projects, and collaboratively on larger ones. Our engineers gain a breadth of design experience by working on a wide variety of projects. By taking a project from the conceptual design start through the final sign-off letter, we develop and employ well-rounded and talented engineers that can manage their own projects. 

Where appropriate, we encourage our engineers to "dive deep"- to investigate certain specific or obscure aspects of structural engineering or related industries that apply to our projects. In doing so, we greatly increase our ability to tackle a wide variety of projects, and draw from the skills of each other to efficiently complete projects. We also aim to have more than one engineer with experience in a specific area, so that we can provide timely completion of specialty projects.

We thrive on the wide variety of projects and services we provide. Our engineers don't just crunch numbers, we provide consultation to clients, talk to architects and home owners, direct contractors, coordinate with building departments, and brainstorm ideas for improving company organization and productivity. By providing a rich diversity of tasks, we have created an enjoyable and dynamic workplace environment.