Local experience and expertise in a wide variety of types of retaining walls and shoring

Morris Shaffer Engineering provides consultation and design for dozens of earth retaining walls and temporary shoring each year. Whether it is a failing retaining wall, a new retaining wall, or to provide temporary support to an earth mass, we have a wide variety of capabilities and expertise that can provide safe and cost-effective solution. 

We have experience in the following types of retaining walls:

  • Soil-nailed retaining wall
    • With shotcrete facing, temporary or permanent 
    • With chainlink facing
  • Hand-dug piers
  • Cantilevered concrete retaining wall with shallow footing
  • A variety of unique alternative steel plate or braced wall options
  • Cantilevered drilled "stitch" piers
    • Temporary or permanent installation
    • With or without tiebacks
    • With embedded steel I-beams or rebar reinforcing
    • Lean concrete or pea gravel options for embedded I-beam
    • With or without wood lagging bracing, depending on "soil arching" capability